Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blogging, Take 2

...And, action!

If you know me, you're perhaps aware that I endeavored to blog a few years back, a pursuit which resulted in a couple of whiny, highfalutin posts that existed almost exclusively to use highbrow vocabulary for highbrow vocabulary's sake and to prove my mother right. I am notoriously undisciplined when it comes to finishing what I start, so rather than picking up where I left off and trying to redeem the Great Blogging Disaster of '09, I am launching a shiny new blog for a new chapter in my life.

Allow me to flatter myself and assume you're curious as to what "hausfraud" means. This is a term that came about in trying both to define a role for myself in my latest living situation and sum up my impostor complex regarding domesticity. You see, my life's ambition centers around creating a Martha Stewart-esque domestic paradise wherein I reign supreme. I would spend hours as a little girl watching Martha transform humble household fixtures and meals into works of art, and I knew my life would be summarily fulfilled when I was married and had my own home to care for and make pristine.

Thus far, I've achieved one of the two.

Last year, on account of a practical decision to save money and be closer to work, my long-suffering beau of two years and I moved out of our respective family homes and into a one-bedroom apartment together. While I didn't get carried over the threshold as per the June Cleaver prototype I'd been aspiring to emulate, I got the 750 square feet beyond that threshold, and I have spent the last 15 months trying to find a balance between girlfriend, roommate and wife roles while I straddle the line between them. It has been a challenge to adapt my outdated ideal of homemaking to a modern situation much more common to my generation, wherein the housewife is a distant memory and the well-kept home only lasts until the lease is up. This blog, if all goes as planned, will document this endeavor to feather a nest that may only last for a season or two. Stick around.

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