Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Decor: Bedroom and Bathroom

I'm not one of those people who look forward to fall and winter with bated breath. While I love watching the leaves change and the snow fall from behind glass, the prospect of feeling chronically chilled for six to nine months doesn't hold much appeal. That being the case, as soon as the leaves start to turn and I trade my knit pajamas for flannel, I decorate. Nothing eases the transition from balmy evenings to frigid, blustery nights that kill my plants and chill my soul like a trip to Hobby Lobby when the seasonal decor is 40% off. Although I'm trying to use what I have and curtail my spending on knick-knacks that only see daylight three months out of the year, I couldn't resist a few additions.

A sprinkling of fall on the dresser in the bedroom. I'm a sucker for purple, and these leaf placemats came in a set of two -- the other's in the kitchen. The pumpkin is also new, and the birdies I've had.

In the interest of not overcrowding the bathroom counter, I just added a yellow glitter pumpkin and a sunflower oil candle from Waxberry to the existing decor. Got to have the symmetry.
This corner used to be pretty naked, but I had to bring my ferns from the balcony n for the winter. Add another glitter pumpkin  and voila.
Another sunflower oil candle flanked by ceramic birdies.

I didn't see the sense in adding much more decor to the bedroom since we spend most of our time in there asleep, but the bathroom sees more use. Plus, it's a lot easier to find yellow and green fall accessories than purple and blue (a fact which has probably saved me hundreds of dollars over the years in mitigated temptation alone). While I broke one of my cardinal rules by purchasing seasonal items that are bulky to store, we couldn't resist the oil candles, and I'm a lost cause at Hobby Lobby.

Next installment: balcony, kitchen and living room decor. I'm waiting on the addition of a few more trinkets before I'll call it presentable. 

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